Undercover Navy Love

September 22, 2008

#41) The Admiral’s Bride by Suzanne Brockmann.

Hey it’s a book with a hero who is over the age of 50. I think he’s 53. The heroine is 29.

Jake Robinson is a Vietnam Hero. HERO. At the beginning of the book Matthew Lange is dying in the jungle awaiting a freindly fire strike or the enemy to kill his platoon and a Priest. But “Admiral” Leutentient Jake Robinson, SEAL extraordinare comes in and saves them all. Matt finds out that Jake has saved some 400+ men.

Dr. Zoe Lange (oh yes) is a biological warfare specialist and expert in espionage. Called by Admiral (for real) Robinson to work with him on his top secret team to recover a deadly nerve agent stolen by fanatics. And they infiltrate the group by pretending to be married. Only as romance novels go, they start having feelings for real.

Jake is still fighting off feelings for his wife who died of cancer 3 years before. And Zoe has a hero-worship thing going since Jake rescued her Dad. She’s never had a real relationship because she’s been in love with her image of him. Thankfully for her, he matches up to her fantasies of him.

Strong characters, definatly predates Brockmann’s current Troubleshooter’s series. But still a good story with good characters. She has raised the bar for other author’s who write action romance. But nothing earth shattering for me here. B-, if I were in the habit of giving grades.

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Back to school book reading

September 15, 2008

#38. Janet Chapman- The Stranger in Her Bed. Sometime ago I read the first book in this series, The Seduction of His Wife. Janet Chapman writes great characters. I feel like her books are somehow trying too hard to convince me of something. The ends tie too much together. I can’t really say much without spoiling the book. But, she does have really strong characters. I’m very much an Alpha-He-Man Hero lover. I thought this would be a three part series as there are three brothers, but she wraps up brother number three in this book.

What I would love to see is the father of the men, Grady Knight, have his own story as well. He’s touted as meddling in his boys’ life in these books and he deserves some of the same. But, no one writes romance about people over the age of 50, unless they are secondary characters, so I won’t get that wish. Maybe I should start writing that type. (Actually I sort of have one in the works).

#39. Janet Chapman. The Dangerous Protector. This one was alluded to in “The Seduction of His Wife”. It also has a previous sister book to it. In which the main characters are introduced. Willow Foster and Duncan Ross. He’s a Scotsman, moved to Maine who owns the local pub in the town Willow grew up in. And 18 months ago they slept together and it was great, but suddenly he was telling everyone she was moving in with him. And oh boy, she was not falling in love. With anybody.

Oh, another of those heroes I love to love. Duncan Ross with his Scottish accent, I could totally hear when he talked. And he went around saying things like, ” Ya cannot spend your whole life running, Willow …” “…You’re smart enough to know that no matter how fast ya are, it’s only an illusion of safety. Love comes unbidden, lass, as is as unstoppable as the sunrise.” And telling Willow he’ll just wait around for her to love him back and just generally being HELLA romantic and Alpha Male.

I didn’t entirely connect with Willow who decided at 15 she wasn’t going for love. Becuase at 15, all I wanted to was fall in love. And did, frequently. Only I was a big loser and none of the guys I loved (in theory because few of them actualy talked to me) loved me back. So … anyway. The book.

Again, loved the characters. The end was so pat. Everyone lives happily ever after and it’s almost sickeningly sweet. There was almost no real drama in the book. Janet Chapman has only published a handful of books, so perhaps she will round out her endings. I will continue reading to find out, because her characters are so very likable and strong.

#40. J.D. Robb. Witness in Death. No big surprises. Except Dallas doesn’t get in a life threatening situation at the end. Stills it’s always a good story from Nora Roberts.

I haven’t been reading much. I’ve been crocheting. I made a sweater that is too small. I made a camisole, also too small. I finally finished a jean purse I’ve been working for ages on. I’m trying to decide if I should sell via etsy, or just … I dunno. If my stuff is even worth anything. I’m still pondering the idea. Maybe the farmer’s market in my town next year. But it’s a really big market and I can’t fancy myself standing there all morning waiting. I don’t think I have enough stuff to do so anyway.

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Time marches on

July 22, 2008

And so does my reading.  I started putting reviews up at chapters/Indigo.

30) The Velvet PromiseJude Deveraux. I’m a sucker for Jude Deveraux’s books. I love the Montgomery’s. Like once a year I reread Sweet Liar. This was typical Jude. Solid.

31) Miss Wonderful- Loretta Chase. Oh swoon. Alistar Carsington is a romantic hero, complete with battle scars and a wonderful story. But, Miss Wonderful, Mirabel Oldridge isn’t impressed when he comes to convince her that a canal through her land would be a good idea. She’s too busy looking after her absentminded father who has his head in botony. If only this damned attraction to Mr. Carsington would stop plaguing her! Then she could get on with business of running the estate and wearing unbecoming dressware. Now if I can only decide if I should bookmooch this or keep it.

In other news Zemanta is making me sad. The tags often have nothing to do with what I’m writing about. Right now it’s offering me Christianity and Religion as suggestions. The links however generally are very good. The articles it’s offering are all about Jude Law. (As if I give a damn who he’s banging these days).

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28 ) Secret Shadows- Judie Aitken. I love Native romance. This was a contempoary mystery. Dane White Eagle is an undercover FBI agent who is searching for the lab of the drug dealers who are killing Reservation residents with designer narcotics. When his severley ill sister is killed with his gun he ends up in Dr. Claire Colby’s ER declaring the death was his fault. The have a strange connection of dreams, and a pack of rez dogs when Claire takes a job as the reservation doctor.

29) Duke of Scandal- Adele Ashworth. Olivia, seller of French perfume, is taken by Edmund Carlisle, who runs with her inheritance on their wedding night. She tracks him down in England, only to discover that it’s really his twin brother Samson, Duke of something. Together they return to Paris, where Samson pretends to be Edmund, while they search for Edmund and her missing money. Ah Regency Romance how I love thee. Read this one in nearly a day. Shisha, I need to slow down.

Hot Target

June 11, 2008

Okay, Suzanne Brockman, on the off chance you find this, I LOVE YOU.

On the same library trip as Unsung Hero I got Hot Target. It’s actually 8th in the series, so I may have some buying to do to catch the stuff inbetween. Since Kelly gets hurt at some point. But anyway, Hot Target has a lot going on. We have Cosmo Richter Navy SEAL boy, on leave to take care of his mom, gets restless and takes a job with Good ol’ Tom’s new venture TroubleShooters. The assignment is babysitting maverick producer Jane Mercedes Chadwick who is receiving death threats about her new movie protraying a real life hero’s secret sexuality.

There’s a ton of “secondary” plots. I wouldn’t call them secondary they get as much or nearly as much page time as Jane and Cosmo’s plot. Jane’s brother, Robin and her assistant Patty have some issues. Robin and FBI agent, Jules Cassidy, who is gay, have some issues. Jules and his ex-boyfriend, Adam have some issues. And there’s Robin and Adam who also clash.

The reason I love Suzanne Brockman’s writing is she makes everything come to life. Without it being infodump or boring description. All the scenery and character description flows into the story. Cosmo’s pale blue eyes, and (Jane) Mercedes’s very revealing clothing. The change between FBI Jules and clubbing Jules.

Brockman is just freaking brilliant with it. And I need to read the books again to study them, not just for entertainment purposes. I look foward to reading more.  On my TBR pile is Gone Too Far and another one I can’t recall. I’m also listening to Freakonomics on CD and reading “A Complaint Free World

But for now I can’t stop gushing over Suzanne Brockman.

Bookcount: 19.

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Books I missed

June 6, 2008

These are the 5 books I read but failed to gather and write about:

Donna Alward- Hired by the Cowboy. A harelquin romance, which means No sex. But, it’s set in Canada, so that’s cool. Alex is single but pregnant, cowboy(!) Conner needs to get married to get his trust fun to save the family farm. Marriage will save everything. Or will it? Can they stick to their orginal agreement? This one is going on my shelf.

Cara Colter- The Prince and the Nanny. These Harelquin romance hit all the fantasies. He’s a prince of some obscure Irish island and he needs a nanny for his two young, motherless children. And she’s an outspoken nanny who gets some press for putting herself slightly in harms way but saving her charge. And then she finds son and father not bonding and forces them to together. How can they resist each other? Sweet, but I’m not the prince fantasy type of girl.

Amy Knupp- The Boy Next Door. Harelquin Super Romance and another of those bad boy, good girl neighbour things. and another of those she used to watch him at night (this time in his workshop, not his bedroom). And they are brought together by his nephew who is living with his ailing grandmother (the hero’s not the nephew), and she’s a social worker. Is she just dragging up the old fued between their families or is it the attraction come again 12 years later that’s so frustrating? Bad boy, love it!

Liz Fielding- The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella. She pretends to be a titled Lady with three kids for a magazine job, while being inspired by the house she’s sitting. So, when the owner returns unexpectedly she fears losing her inspriation she desperatly needs. He brugudingly says she can stay, since he’s likely to flit off again. Until they hit it off. It was sweet, but lacked conflict, imho. most of it centered around her drawing and dead husband.

Jessica Hart- Barefoot Bride. HQ romance again. She’s been look for stability. He likes to flit around the world as a biologist or something. So they broke up, a few times. But, now she’s out of work and dumped, so she goes to visit her friends on a tropical island, only to run into him again. Still gorgeous as ever, but now with a motherless child in tow. She can feel for this poor kid, being dragged around in instability. But, she agrees to nanny for him anyway. Of course, things don’t stay platonic. SO when her dream job is offered to her in London will she leave him again and take it? Or will she finally throw caution to the wind?

So those were the five I missed quite some time ago.

Here’s 3 recents I haven’t counted.

Jennifer Crusie- Anyone But You. I love Jenny Crusie. It doens’t matter what she writes. In this one Nina is recently divorced and wants a puppy. Instead she gets Fred- and overweight, slightly depressed basset hound. But he does bring about the cute decade younger ER doctor from downstairs around. He’s sexy as hell, doesn’t want kids, but he’s 10 years younger! Way too young for her of course.

J.D. RobbCeremony in Death. This is the fourth of the series. I started reading it after a letter from a suvivor of sexual abuse posted anon on the Smart Bitches website, talked about the Main Character, Eve Dallas‘s recovery efforts. This one was about evil, and black vs white magic. They seem to wrap up rather cleanly with the two main characters, Dallas and her husband, sexy Irish and very rich, Roarke, kicking the bad guys’ asses and walking away. I like the books, it’s been a very interesting read so far. I have to see if the library ahas the next one. This one had to come via Bookmooch. Since Zemanta likes to give me links, you can read the letter at this link, here. This one seeit? I ❤ Nora Robberts. She’s like my hero. Srsly.

Meg Cabot– Every Boy’s Got One. This was a strange format. Written not in first or third person, but from the view point of personal journals, and emails between the two main main characters, the two secondary characters and their ensuing families. Jane Harris is a cartoonist of WonderCat based on her crazy cat at home. Her best friend is eloping to the Italian Riveria with her long time boyfriend, who brings his best friend also. Cal Langdon is a stuck up journalist (in Jane’s opinion) who has just written a book on Saudia Arabia oil. It’s pretty much hate at first site. And even more annoying when she’s all for the wedding and he’s against long term love. Very funny book. I love Meg Cabot. Definatly going to get some more of hers.

So that brings my total count to: 18. Seems too small, but move on we will. After I figure out which books are mine and which are the librarlys.

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