September Book wrap up

September 29, 2008

#42. Zero to Zillionaire by Chellie Campbell.

Great book. A few days into it, repeating the affirmation “People LOVELOVELOVE to give me money” I was approached at worked and asked if I’d like an extra day. HELL YEAH. and THANK YOu world.

This is a money book that works both sides of the equation. Both the energy side, law of attraction type stuff. But it also focuses on the practical. You can’t make more money if you aren’t trying to sell your product (even if your product is just yourself),  budgeting the money you do have all ready. And you aren’t really rich unless you are working a job you love, surrounded by people you love and having fun in all areas of your life. Well rounded book for people who want to be wealthy and not must monetarily.

#43. Enslaved by Hope Tarr. The book before this was Vanquished, which was the first book I reviewed for the site. In the first book it was Hadrian Stone and Callie Rivers. This book is Harry’s childhood freinds, Gavin Carmicheal and Daisy Lake. They and Patrick Rourke (whose book I suspect is next up) were friends in the Roxbury House for Orphans sponsored by British Prime Minister William Gladstone.
The book starts with budding actress Daisy Lake and the boys preforming in the attic. Shortly thereafter Gavin is”rescued” from the orphanage by his grandfather who was estranged from Gavin’s mother (who died with her husband and infant child in a housefire). Gavin has spent a small fortune trying to find where Daisy disappeared to after being adopted by the Lakes. But, alas he cannot and his friends drag him to an East End supper blue with bawdy dancer Deliliah du Lac.

Gavin jumps on stage to rescue her from her lifestyle. Daisy is happy just where she is. Except that she’d like to be a real actress on a proper London stage.

So with Gavin’s help and money, she embarks to gain a part in Drury Lane’s run of “As You Like It”, in exchange for living with him for one month. Sex is just sex, right? Besides he didn’t even bother to contact her after leaving Roxbury House. He couldn’t really have thought about that much over the years.

.. Someone’s going to be Enslaved. If you see the front cover, Daisy does dress up like that for Gavin. She greets him at the door. And he thinks “she’s dressed like this for someone before.” But it’s nonetheless erotic for him. Poor Gavin. And just what secrets is she keeping form him?

Not my best review. I’ll revise it another time. My tooth aches some more.


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