Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D Levitt-Freakonomics. I listened to this one on CD in the car on the way to and from work. Everyone knows what this is about, but really challenges all the common “wisdom” and modern folk lore. Like the rich drug dealers, and parenting wisdom. Really neat, I suggest reading the book or it’s accompanying blog in the New York Times.

Suzanne Brockmann– Body Guard. Can’t get enough of this woman. Alessandra Lamont unwittingly married into the mob. Only her husband double crossed the boss Michael Trotta and stole a million dollars. After Alessandra returns the money someone still wants her dead. Harry O’Dell is a sexy FBI agent who lost his ex-wife and eldest son by Trotta’s will, and he wants vengeance. Solid book, not one of my favorites, I couldn’t bring the characters into mental picture. But I’ve got three Brockmann SEAL books on the way. So happy days will come again.

This one is the spoilered one.

Lisa KleypasSugar Daddy.

I liked and didn’t like this one. The ending wasn’t satisfying to me.

Liberty Jones is an awkward teenager, living with her widowed mother in a trailer park in Welcome, Texas. She meets Hardy Cates, who is sexy and self-assured. Hardy is her friend, he helps her with basketball and studying. But he won’t touch her, which is all she really wants from him. He doesn’t want to fall for her and get stuck in Welcome in the trailer park.

So eventually he leaves. And tragedy strikes for Liberty as her mother dies, leaving her as sole guardian for her 2-year-old sister, Carrington.

Liberty, barely 18, gets into beauty school. She also works part-time and raises Carrington in the trailer. After graduation she manages to get a job at a high-end salon in Houston. She meets Churchill Travis, who is a millionaire and wines and dines hers. Except it’s not for romance. Eventually he hires her as his personal assistant and Liberty and Carrington move into his mansion.

She falls for Churchill’s son, Gage. But then Hardy Cates shows up again. He’s a self-made rich boy now. Who will she choose her first love or a rich future?

Here comes the spoiler:

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TV Turn off Week

April 18, 2008

All right, my goal for TV turn off week is to turn off the video games during the day, TV during the day and the BIG ONE the computer during the day – except to listen to music. This is the main way we listen to music here, so that has to be in. As well, as checking my email once a day at the very least and on the weekend there will be much email checking as I still have to check/moderate/beat my Freecycle group on the weekends.

Another Regency Romance

April 11, 2008

I love me some regency romance. I dunno why.

The Duke’s Indiscretion by Adele Ashwork. I’d give it an B. The secondary plot seemed forced.

Charlotte is a Lady by day and belle of the English opera by night. And Colin, Duke of something, has been in love with her for 3 years. But he only knows her by her stage name Lottie English. Charlotte has been in love with him as well, from afar. So when he shows up in her house and her brother sells her beloved piano to him, she goes and proposes marriage to Colin. After confessing her true indenity.

The secondary plot was a plot to hurt Lottie in the theatre and she also had some priceless work of music. It was an alright book, but nothing special.

I’m also putting Choosing Simplicity on my finished list. I’ve read most of it and it’s due back so I give up. I’m terrible at finishing books. What i learned from this book: simplicity is what you make of it.

I also started the Omnivore’s Delimina by Michael Pollen, but it was far too depressing a view so I quit that one.

Book count: 7.

Still working on that damned aghan. But I found a better way to dig up my garden, or not dig up. I can’t find the link it was somewhere on mother Earth News. You lay newspaper down. It kills the grass and weeds and composts naturually. So I’m working on that unfortunatly it’s past recycle pick up day, so I only have one newspaper out so far, but I’ll keep things updated on how it works out for me.


March 30, 2008

It seems as likely as any of my fancies. (Okay I stole this phrase from Prince of Magic by Anne Stuart). I was reading “Choosing Simplicitity” the other night and she was amazed that one man had read/listened on tape 122 books in a year. And I thought, I must read at least that many. So I decided to start a blog of the books I read for a year, with a small review. I’m no book reviewer, but *shrug* I read a lot of books and I’m sure something I say will be intelligent. So that’s me.