Back to school book reading

September 15, 2008

#38. Janet Chapman- The Stranger in Her Bed. Sometime ago I read the first book in this series, The Seduction of His Wife. Janet Chapman writes great characters. I feel like her books are somehow trying too hard to convince me of something. The ends tie too much together. I can’t really say much without spoiling the book. But, she does have really strong characters. I’m very much an Alpha-He-Man Hero lover. I thought this would be a three part series as there are three brothers, but she wraps up brother number three in this book.

What I would love to see is the father of the men, Grady Knight, have his own story as well. He’s touted as meddling in his boys’ life in these books and he deserves some of the same. But, no one writes romance about people over the age of 50, unless they are secondary characters, so I won’t get that wish. Maybe I should start writing that type. (Actually I sort of have one in the works).

#39. Janet Chapman. The Dangerous Protector. This one was alluded to in “The Seduction of His Wife”. It also has a previous sister book to it. In which the main characters are introduced. Willow Foster and Duncan Ross. He’s a Scotsman, moved to Maine who owns the local pub in the town Willow grew up in. And 18 months ago they slept together and it was great, but suddenly he was telling everyone she was moving in with him. And oh boy, she was not falling in love. With anybody.

Oh, another of those heroes I love to love. Duncan Ross with his Scottish accent, I could totally hear when he talked. And he went around saying things like, ” Ya cannot spend your whole life running, Willow …” “…You’re smart enough to know that no matter how fast ya are, it’s only an illusion of safety. Love comes unbidden, lass, as is as unstoppable as the sunrise.” And telling Willow he’ll just wait around for her to love him back and just generally being HELLA romantic and Alpha Male.

I didn’t entirely connect with Willow who decided at 15 she wasn’t going for love. Becuase at 15, all I wanted to was fall in love. And did, frequently. Only I was a big loser and none of the guys I loved (in theory because few of them actualy talked to me) loved me back. So … anyway. The book.

Again, loved the characters. The end was so pat. Everyone lives happily ever after and it’s almost sickeningly sweet. There was almost no real drama in the book. Janet Chapman has only published a handful of books, so perhaps she will round out her endings. I will continue reading to find out, because her characters are so very likable and strong.

#40. J.D. Robb. Witness in Death. No big surprises. Except Dallas doesn’t get in a life threatening situation at the end. Stills it’s always a good story from Nora Roberts.

I haven’t been reading much. I’ve been crocheting. I made a sweater that is too small. I made a camisole, also too small. I finally finished a jean purse I’ve been working for ages on. I’m trying to decide if I should sell via etsy, or just … I dunno. If my stuff is even worth anything. I’m still pondering the idea. Maybe the farmer’s market in my town next year. But it’s a really big market and I can’t fancy myself standing there all morning waiting. I don’t think I have enough stuff to do so anyway.

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TV Turn off Wrap up

April 30, 2008

Uh, I pretty much failed miserably. It turned into a blizzard here so going outside was pretty much non-optional most of the week. I’ll post pictures. BLIZZARD!

Monday: Day one: went very well. No computer during afterschool hours, no TV, no video games.

Day two: some computering. No TV (we rarely turn on the TV anyway during the day) and no video games.

Day three: lots of computer, 30 minutes of vidoe games or so. I tried to keep it to a minimum, but the lure of Scrabolous on facebook got me!

Thursday: there was no school and I had 2 kindergarten children, so there was much tv, and computer and a little wii.

Friday: i usually reward myself for the week by playing some vidoe games. And much fun was had by all.

Saturday: We had a soccer coaching clinic ALL Day and then went to my mom’s (the kid was already there). No tv, just a lot of some guy with an south american accent babbling about nothing much that would really help us as coaches. As a bonus, it was warm out.

Sunday: We had a soccer meeting, but I’m pretty sure we played video games. I try to stay off the computer on the weekends anyway, so it was okay.

All in all, well it made me more aware of when I was using the computer, but it didn’t really deter me. We try.

Other stuff:

I recommend: Habitizer for keeping track of those new habits.

Buy nothing: Is also going badly. My Mp3 died (and then I fixed it) so I bought a new one. I had to becuase I work alone, I’m constantly on the move around the office I clean so a stereo is out and after 2 days and no music I was GOING crazy!! So I bought another Creative product, the Zen stone. And then when I was playing with the new one I found a thing that said “fix disk” or something, so I did it to my Creative Zen Nano and it works again. *sigh* SO I didn’t need a new one after all. But the new one has 2 GB compared to 512 mb.

My first laptop had a 3 GB hard drive, so this is like amazingly weird for me. It took me an afternoon and nearly all the music on the computer to fill it. And half the podcasts.

There’s more stuff coming up so stay tuned. I have not been reading that much, I’ve been crafting. ANd the snow we had last week has almost all melted (it may snow yet today tho it’s raining and cold as we speak) so my garden has no progress.

I love the love

April 16, 2008

Oh another boring book update. I haven’t been crafty at all the last few days. We’ve been doing countertops in our kitchen. Which is like hell. Everything is displaced to the rest of the house. Can’t cook, can’t wash dishes. Can’t make coffee (not for me) or popcorn (partly for me But the countertop looks AWESOME.

So this is the kitchen before we did anything. It’s the original stuff, which is from 1982. I should get some pictures of the HIDEOUS green wall board/paper. And also of our Harvest Gold bathrooms, which the previous owners choose to pain PINK. pink+yellow=OUchy on my eyes.

Isn’t it clean. believe me my partner worked hard to get it to look this way. It doesn’t when I’m in charge, but it’s not disgusting either. So anyway …

After pictures

Well, this was before the sink was cut out. The sink is back in.

There it is. The rest of the countertop is on except for a triangle shelf in the corner and a few minor edge pieces, and the top of the backsplash.
So that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m going to go change the pictures in my previous posts with links to my google images instead of using wordpress space, becuase it’s limited and I’m too lazy to resize my pictures. sad eh?

This was taken a few days ago before I finished all 54 hexagons. It’s partially togheter now. I’ll post pictures later. I’m very behind on everything.

This is for my brother and his gf, who are due incidently on my birthday. I’m gonna be an auntie or an uncle!

This is my outside project. There’s a 10 foot space between the house and path that was once grass, but now it’s so weedy I decided to dig it up for vegetable gardening purposes. There are two lilac trees we transplanted that will have to be removed. But they’ll go on Freecycle. If I don’t go crazy from the stupid and shut it down.

Freeycle members thank your moderators today, they do untold amounts of work and deal with a lot of crazy and stupid.

Before and After

April 7, 2008

I love my new hair cut.