#32 is another Kathleen O’Reilly. Beyond Breathless is the first book in the Red Choo Diaries. The link takes you to my review of the book on ChaptersIndigo site. Where I’ve taken to reviewing these things.

And here are some pictures of the camisole I crocheted.

And a close up of the detail.


Well, not really I’ve just been crazy busy. Read some okay category romances, 5 at least. I decided that if I read at least 50% of a book I will consider it read for my book count. I rarely finish books outside romance so …

I’ve been working on a blue jean quilt, my purses and writing naughty things and things for Big Rock Candy Mountain.
Baby aghan
For my niece or nephew DUE on my birthday! oh yeah!
Socks almost done for my kidlet.

Book total: 12.
Garden is half planted, half covered. I’m hopefully getting more newspapers from work. But the guy who’s desk they are on has had them there for ages and claims he’s going to read them then pass them on. I have my doubts, but I can do other things with them later if he does actually give them to me while I work there. If not, well, he’s cute so I can forgive him.

TV Turn off Wrap up

April 30, 2008

Uh, I pretty much failed miserably. It turned into a blizzard here so going outside was pretty much non-optional most of the week. I’ll post pictures. BLIZZARD!

Monday: Day one: went very well. No computer during afterschool hours, no TV, no video games.

Day two: some computering. No TV (we rarely turn on the TV anyway during the day) and no video games.

Day three: lots of computer, 30 minutes of vidoe games or so. I tried to keep it to a minimum, but the lure of Scrabolous on facebook got me!

Thursday: there was no school and I had 2 kindergarten children, so there was much tv, and computer and a little wii.

Friday: i usually reward myself for the week by playing some vidoe games. And much fun was had by all.

Saturday: We had a soccer coaching clinic ALL Day and then went to my mom’s (the kid was already there). No tv, just a lot of some guy with an south american accent babbling about nothing much that would really help us as coaches. As a bonus, it was warm out.

Sunday: We had a soccer meeting, but I’m pretty sure we played video games. I try to stay off the computer on the weekends anyway, so it was okay.

All in all, well it made me more aware of when I was using the computer, but it didn’t really deter me. We try.

Other stuff:

I recommend: Habitizer for keeping track of those new habits.

Buy nothing: Is also going badly. My Mp3 died (and then I fixed it) so I bought a new one. I had to becuase I work alone, I’m constantly on the move around the office I clean so a stereo is out and after 2 days and no music I was GOING crazy!! So I bought another Creative product, the Zen stone. And then when I was playing with the new one I found a thing that said “fix disk” or something, so I did it to my Creative Zen Nano and it works again. *sigh* SO I didn’t need a new one after all. But the new one has 2 GB compared to 512 mb.

My first laptop had a 3 GB hard drive, so this is like amazingly weird for me. It took me an afternoon and nearly all the music on the computer to fill it. And half the podcasts.

There’s more stuff coming up so stay tuned. I have not been reading that much, I’ve been crafting. ANd the snow we had last week has almost all melted (it may snow yet today tho it’s raining and cold as we speak) so my garden has no progress.

This was taken a few days ago before I finished all 54 hexagons. It’s partially togheter now. I’ll post pictures later. I’m very behind on everything.

This is for my brother and his gf, who are due incidently on my birthday. I’m gonna be an auntie or an uncle!

This is my outside project. There’s a 10 foot space between the house and path that was once grass, but now it’s so weedy I decided to dig it up for vegetable gardening purposes. There are two lilac trees we transplanted that will have to be removed. But they’ll go on Freecycle. If I don’t go crazy from the stupid and shut it down.

Freeycle members thank your moderators today, they do untold amounts of work and deal with a lot of crazy and stupid.