September Book wrap up

September 29, 2008

#42. Zero to Zillionaire by Chellie Campbell.

Great book. A few days into it, repeating the affirmation “People LOVELOVELOVE to give me money” I was approached at worked and asked if I’d like an extra day. HELL YEAH. and THANK YOu world.

This is a money book that works both sides of the equation. Both the energy side, law of attraction type stuff. But it also focuses on the practical. You can’t make more money if you aren’t trying to sell your product (even if your product is just yourself),  budgeting the money you do have all ready. And you aren’t really rich unless you are working a job you love, surrounded by people you love and having fun in all areas of your life. Well rounded book for people who want to be wealthy and not must monetarily.

#43. Enslaved by Hope Tarr. The book before this was Vanquished, which was the first book I reviewed for the site. In the first book it was Hadrian Stone and Callie Rivers. This book is Harry’s childhood freinds, Gavin Carmicheal and Daisy Lake. They and Patrick Rourke (whose book I suspect is next up) were friends in the Roxbury House for Orphans sponsored by British Prime Minister William Gladstone.
The book starts with budding actress Daisy Lake and the boys preforming in the attic. Shortly thereafter Gavin is”rescued” from the orphanage by his grandfather who was estranged from Gavin’s mother (who died with her husband and infant child in a housefire). Gavin has spent a small fortune trying to find where Daisy disappeared to after being adopted by the Lakes. But, alas he cannot and his friends drag him to an East End supper blue with bawdy dancer Deliliah du Lac.

Gavin jumps on stage to rescue her from her lifestyle. Daisy is happy just where she is. Except that she’d like to be a real actress on a proper London stage.

So with Gavin’s help and money, she embarks to gain a part in Drury Lane’s run of “As You Like It”, in exchange for living with him for one month. Sex is just sex, right? Besides he didn’t even bother to contact her after leaving Roxbury House. He couldn’t really have thought about that much over the years.

.. Someone’s going to be Enslaved. If you see the front cover, Daisy does dress up like that for Gavin. She greets him at the door. And he thinks “she’s dressed like this for someone before.” But it’s nonetheless erotic for him. Poor Gavin. And just what secrets is she keeping form him?

Not my best review. I’ll revise it another time. My tooth aches some more.


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Undercover Navy Love

September 22, 2008

#41) The Admiral’s Bride by Suzanne Brockmann.

Hey it’s a book with a hero who is over the age of 50. I think he’s 53. The heroine is 29.

Jake Robinson is a Vietnam Hero. HERO. At the beginning of the book Matthew Lange is dying in the jungle awaiting a freindly fire strike or the enemy to kill his platoon and a Priest. But “Admiral” Leutentient Jake Robinson, SEAL extraordinare comes in and saves them all. Matt finds out that Jake has saved some 400+ men.

Dr. Zoe Lange (oh yes) is a biological warfare specialist and expert in espionage. Called by Admiral (for real) Robinson to work with him on his top secret team to recover a deadly nerve agent stolen by fanatics. And they infiltrate the group by pretending to be married. Only as romance novels go, they start having feelings for real.

Jake is still fighting off feelings for his wife who died of cancer 3 years before. And Zoe has a hero-worship thing going since Jake rescued her Dad. She’s never had a real relationship because she’s been in love with her image of him. Thankfully for her, he matches up to her fantasies of him.

Strong characters, definatly predates Brockmann’s current Troubleshooter’s series. But still a good story with good characters. She has raised the bar for other author’s who write action romance. But nothing earth shattering for me here. B-, if I were in the habit of giving grades.

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Back to school book reading

September 15, 2008

#38. Janet Chapman- The Stranger in Her Bed. Sometime ago I read the first book in this series, The Seduction of His Wife. Janet Chapman writes great characters. I feel like her books are somehow trying too hard to convince me of something. The ends tie too much together. I can’t really say much without spoiling the book. But, she does have really strong characters. I’m very much an Alpha-He-Man Hero lover. I thought this would be a three part series as there are three brothers, but she wraps up brother number three in this book.

What I would love to see is the father of the men, Grady Knight, have his own story as well. He’s touted as meddling in his boys’ life in these books and he deserves some of the same. But, no one writes romance about people over the age of 50, unless they are secondary characters, so I won’t get that wish. Maybe I should start writing that type. (Actually I sort of have one in the works).

#39. Janet Chapman. The Dangerous Protector. This one was alluded to in “The Seduction of His Wife”. It also has a previous sister book to it. In which the main characters are introduced. Willow Foster and Duncan Ross. He’s a Scotsman, moved to Maine who owns the local pub in the town Willow grew up in. And 18 months ago they slept together and it was great, but suddenly he was telling everyone she was moving in with him. And oh boy, she was not falling in love. With anybody.

Oh, another of those heroes I love to love. Duncan Ross with his Scottish accent, I could totally hear when he talked. And he went around saying things like, ” Ya cannot spend your whole life running, Willow …” “…You’re smart enough to know that no matter how fast ya are, it’s only an illusion of safety. Love comes unbidden, lass, as is as unstoppable as the sunrise.” And telling Willow he’ll just wait around for her to love him back and just generally being HELLA romantic and Alpha Male.

I didn’t entirely connect with Willow who decided at 15 she wasn’t going for love. Becuase at 15, all I wanted to was fall in love. And did, frequently. Only I was a big loser and none of the guys I loved (in theory because few of them actualy talked to me) loved me back. So … anyway. The book.

Again, loved the characters. The end was so pat. Everyone lives happily ever after and it’s almost sickeningly sweet. There was almost no real drama in the book. Janet Chapman has only published a handful of books, so perhaps she will round out her endings. I will continue reading to find out, because her characters are so very likable and strong.

#40. J.D. Robb. Witness in Death. No big surprises. Except Dallas doesn’t get in a life threatening situation at the end. Stills it’s always a good story from Nora Roberts.

I haven’t been reading much. I’ve been crocheting. I made a sweater that is too small. I made a camisole, also too small. I finally finished a jean purse I’ve been working for ages on. I’m trying to decide if I should sell via etsy, or just … I dunno. If my stuff is even worth anything. I’m still pondering the idea. Maybe the farmer’s market in my town next year. But it’s a really big market and I can’t fancy myself standing there all morning waiting. I don’t think I have enough stuff to do so anyway.

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End of summer reads

August 21, 2008

Actually there are a few books I haven’t done, going back to the end of July. I’ve just been lazy.

#33. Suzanne BrockmannInto the Night. Mike Muldoon (whom we met in Book 2 Over the Edge) and White House staffer Joan DeCosta are working together so the President can witness a demonstration of SEAL rescue techniques. Tommy Paoletti feels something is wrong. This book also chronicles Sam Starett’s crumbling marriage to Mary Lou. The historical story is Joan’s grandparents. Joan’s grandmother’s first husband was killed at Pearl Harbour (I think) and she’s working as a secretary for a governor or senator, when she encounters young serviceman Vincent DeCosta who has seen action in the Pacific and knows how they can minimize casualties there in the future. He eventually becomes a frogman which was the start of the Navy SEALS.

I love the beginnings of the stories because they usually start with combat. And this one is great.

“Remember the time Captain Muldoon ran down a mountain in Afghanistan with a broken kneecap?” WildCard said.

His words didn’t make sense. “Meat to tell that reporter- I’m not a captain.”

“Lieutenant, I gave you something for the pain,” Lopez said, speaking slowly and clearly, “because you broke your kneecap.”

“Then ran a few miles,” WildCard added.

No way.

“But I’m okay,” Muldoon said as the ship’s hospital corpsman carried his stretcher off the Seahawk. There were intravenous tubes attached to the back of his hand. It was surreal. “NO, really, you guys, I’m okay.”

Great stuff there. Not as funny as Jules thought processes which I’ll get to later, because I reread Breaking Point. But first.

#34. Suzanne Brockmann- Out of Control. Ken “WildCard” Karmody is a computer genius. He’s created his own mini-tracking system which some computer company wants to buy for an insane amount and set him up for life, and keep him on staff. But he isn’t going for it right now, right now he wants to blow more shit up and shoot guns and whatever else. Fun. And he’s finally over that lying bitch ex-gf of his.

Savannah von Hopf is American Royalty. She’s a heiress as well as lawyer in New York. Her Uncle has been kidnapped and she’s been asked to bring the ransom money to Indonesia. She knew Ken back in college, she was “freinds” with his ex-gf. Anyway, skip over the good details and they end up wandering the Indonesian jungle being hunted down and no one really knows.

Molly (whom also stars in Breaking Point) is working in a camp, where she meets Grady Morant aka. Dave Jones, ex-SEAL, wanted on both sides of the law. Can we hear a romance in the works? Well, strange but true.

Annnd the historical is Savannah’s grandmother, Rose who was a double agent during the second WWII and has a best seller based on her memoirs. (The missing grandfather is Austrian Royalty … so the American royalty works out there).

#35. All through the Night- Suzanne Brockmann. This was the story she claims Robin Chadwick made her write (you can read it about it on her website). To get his happy ending with Jules Cassidy.

All the usual suspects are there. Will Schroeder crashes the party (he was also in Flashpoint briefly) who has a thing for the boys’ personal assistant. Adam claims to being stalked. Cosmo and Jane, Molly and Jones/Grady, Alyssa and Sam. Some ends are tied up. Very sweet. Plus Jules is AWESOME, very awesome.

#36 Mr. Impossible- Loretta Chase. Rupert Carsington, fourth son of the Earl of Hargate, is in Egypt digging in the sand, when he isn’t getting into trouble and being thrown into jail. Which is where he is at the beginning of our story.
Daphne Pembroke is a widowed scholar (except everyone thinks it’s her brother who is the scholar) studying hieroglyphics. Her brother is kidnapped and she wants Rupert to help with the rescue. Strictly business she’s the brains, he’s the brawn. Good times.

And, I’m not going to count this on my list, because I don’t think double reads should, but I have to quote some of Jule’s thoughts, which made me laugh outloud!

Greta was neither typical Hollywood thriller forger-nerd, with pocket-protector, thick glasses and streaks of ink on her face and hands, nor James Bondian cat-suit wearing babe-of-evil. She was, instead, 100 percent German hausfrau. Fifty and frumpy. Good for her, for not conforming to expectations.

Except wait. Not so good for her- considering they were watching the last few minutes of her life. She was about to be the newest poster girl for the Crime Doesn’t Pay campaign.


And okay. Jules so couldn’t die now. He absolutely refused. That was way too melodramatic- like this guy had studied Evil Overlord technique, sitting at the feet of famous James Bond movies villains. It would be just too pathetic if this conversation with this idiot was the last thing Jules did on Earth.

I’m going to dust my shrine to Suzanne Brockmann (aka my bookshelf).

I think Jones/Grady and Molly are my favorite couple from all the books.

#37. Never Seduce a Scoundrol- Sabrina Jeffries, which I accidently picked up twice this year, but I can’t find it in my list of this count so here we go.

Lady Amelia Plume loves to dream of adventure. She wants to marry a man who can give her many, but most men are looking for fortunes to spend. Then Major Lucas Winter a brash American arrives on the scene with the promise of adventure. Except, that he is hiding an investigation into her step-mother’s past. Typical book my Ms. Jeffries.

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#32 is another Kathleen O’Reilly. Beyond Breathless is the first book in the Red Choo Diaries. The link takes you to my review of the book on ChaptersIndigo site. Where I’ve taken to reviewing these things.

And here are some pictures of the camisole I crocheted.

And a close up of the detail.

Time marches on

July 22, 2008

And so does my reading.  I started putting reviews up at chapters/Indigo.

30) The Velvet PromiseJude Deveraux. I’m a sucker for Jude Deveraux’s books. I love the Montgomery’s. Like once a year I reread Sweet Liar. This was typical Jude. Solid.

31) Miss Wonderful- Loretta Chase. Oh swoon. Alistar Carsington is a romantic hero, complete with battle scars and a wonderful story. But, Miss Wonderful, Mirabel Oldridge isn’t impressed when he comes to convince her that a canal through her land would be a good idea. She’s too busy looking after her absentminded father who has his head in botony. If only this damned attraction to Mr. Carsington would stop plaguing her! Then she could get on with business of running the estate and wearing unbecoming dressware. Now if I can only decide if I should bookmooch this or keep it.

In other news Zemanta is making me sad. The tags often have nothing to do with what I’m writing about. Right now it’s offering me Christianity and Religion as suggestions. The links however generally are very good. The articles it’s offering are all about Jude Law. (As if I give a damn who he’s banging these days).

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28 ) Secret Shadows- Judie Aitken. I love Native romance. This was a contempoary mystery. Dane White Eagle is an undercover FBI agent who is searching for the lab of the drug dealers who are killing Reservation residents with designer narcotics. When his severley ill sister is killed with his gun he ends up in Dr. Claire Colby’s ER declaring the death was his fault. The have a strange connection of dreams, and a pack of rez dogs when Claire takes a job as the reservation doctor.

29) Duke of Scandal- Adele Ashworth. Olivia, seller of French perfume, is taken by Edmund Carlisle, who runs with her inheritance on their wedding night. She tracks him down in England, only to discover that it’s really his twin brother Samson, Duke of something. Together they return to Paris, where Samson pretends to be Edmund, while they search for Edmund and her missing money. Ah Regency Romance how I love thee. Read this one in nearly a day. Shisha, I need to slow down.

Vacationy books

July 15, 2008

24) The Defiant HeroSuzanne Brockmann. This is #2 in the Troubleshooter Series. Not my favorite. It’s about John “Nils” Nilson and Meg Moore. I think it’s this one in which Alyssa Locke and Sam Starett first sleep together, and it involves drunken Alyssa and chocolate sauce. Actaully like a third of the book was about Alyssa and Sam. A third at John and Meg. And a third was Meg’s grandmother telling her WorldWar II story about her first love etc.

25) Over the Edge– Suzanne Brockmann. Stan Wolchonok and Terri Howe. Stan can solve any problem and for Teri being female in the army is becoming a problem. So Stan breaks his rule and lets her into his house (As Senior Chief he’s stated that his house is off limits for any army personell, but who can resist a beautiful woman?). And then helps her by taking her on a training mission which ends them all in Kazbekistan when a plane is highjacked. Alyssa and Sam are there, and a significant portion goes to them again. This is the book in which Max Bhagat and Gina Vitagliano “meet”. She’s on the highjacked plane and claims to be Karen a senator’s daughter. And then there’s an elderly friend of Stan’s mother’s, a Dutch woman who survived being Jewish in Holland during WWII. She’s also losing her mind. Great book. I love Terri and Stan.

25)Breaking Point-Suzanne Brockmann. #9 in the series. This is Max and Gina’s book. No WWII flashbacks. Just flashbacks of Max and Gina when Max was rehabbing from being shot. And then Max searching for her after she is kidnapped in Germany. and then the story leading up to Gina and her friend Molly being in Kenya and then being kidnapped in Germany. Solid book. I was glad Max and Gina got their happy ending.

25) Undomestic Goddess- Sophia Kinsella. (There’s a town in AB called Kinsella but taht’s antoehr story). This is chicklit. Uh, Samantha is a highpowered lawyer on the fasttrack to partnership in one of London’s biggest lawfirms. She works 80 hour weeks, bills clients in 6 minute increments at 50 pounds each and has the messiest desk in the firm. Sure she has no life but she’s about to be PARTNER. Until she finds out she failed to file an important thing and lost a client 50 million pounds. And then she disappears. She ends up working as a housekeeper, learning to cook and falling for the gardener. Until her old life catches up to her and did she really not file that charge after all or was it a set up?

26) Frugal Luxeries- Tracy McBride. THis is a how too book for frugalites and how they can enjoy everyday luxeries. Very cute. Took me a long time to read it but hey, I’ve moved forward a little. ANd I’m definatly a frugalite.

27) Rainbow Fairy series. I don’t know if these should really count in my book count. But I’ve been reading a fair number of them to my daughter. Maybe every 3 of these should count as one whole book. SO I’ve read 3 up until now.

Coming up later today: details of my latest crochet project. But first, it’s late in the morning the kid is still sleeping and i’m in my robe after a shower.

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Throw me a title

June 20, 2008

I’m terrible with titles. My friend at BRCM just found this out. He’s all like, “Can you title your stuff?”

No. Not really. I suck at titles. I never know how to make them descriptive enough, with some sort of y’know catchiness. (Hey lookie, Zementa has a linked article on the Do’s and Don’ts of Blog titles)

Anyway … Suzanne Brockmann. I know it’s an obsession. A problem, but I got a lot of her books at the library. I have Made to Stick which is in progress and then I have 2 Brockmann’s and 3 Harelquin Blaze books to read from Bookmooch.

Suzanne Brockmann- Gone too Far. This is the story of Sam Starrett, Texas hottie SEAL and Alyssa Locke, FBI superstar. They met in the first SEAL book, Unsung Hero. And they had sex a few times in the inbetween books. But them Sam got a bar bunny knocked up and tried to do the right thing and marry her. But that didn’t work out. This books gives Sam’s back story, which is very sweet. His racist father who beat him, his best friend Noah and Noah’s grandfather who befreinded him, Walter Gaines.

So, Sam shows up on his soon-to-be-ex-wife’s doorstep to find out where his divorce papers are, only to find out she’s dead and his daughter is missing. He’s suspect #1 of course. There’s a terrorist plot tied in, bringing Tom Paoletti into the storyline.  As well as Max Bhaget and the young girl he saved.

Sam goes on the run from Alyssa trying to find his daughter. Alyssa ends up with him and things get heated, yet again. Good book. Sam and Alyssa are the most popular of the Brockmann’s characters, they show up in nearly every book after. In the back of Hot Target there was supposed to be a short story about them, you can find it on Brockmann’s website. And in the back of Into the Storm (coming up next) there’s another short story about them.

Suzanne Brockmann- Into the Storm. The Troubleshoot’ers are on a training mission with Team Sixteen. The story revolves around Mark “Jenk” Jenkins and Lindsey Fontaine. Jenk has a think for the TS secretary and Lindsey has a think for Jenk. The secretary has a thing for her cheating laywer ex, Lyle, as well she flirts with every guy she comes across, leaving Lindsey to do the secretary job half the time.

Anyway, the secretary is pretending to be the hostabge on the training mission. She sneaks off from her captives and then gets kidnapped by a seriel killer.

There’s subplots with Sophia and Larry Decker. And, the secretary and Jenk’s player best freind Izzy. Good times.

And as I mentioned before there’s a short story between Sam and Alyssa in the back of the book.

Book count=23 over nearly 3 months.

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Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D Levitt-Freakonomics. I listened to this one on CD in the car on the way to and from work. Everyone knows what this is about, but really challenges all the common “wisdom” and modern folk lore. Like the rich drug dealers, and parenting wisdom. Really neat, I suggest reading the book or it’s accompanying blog in the New York Times.

Suzanne Brockmann– Body Guard. Can’t get enough of this woman. Alessandra Lamont unwittingly married into the mob. Only her husband double crossed the boss Michael Trotta and stole a million dollars. After Alessandra returns the money someone still wants her dead. Harry O’Dell is a sexy FBI agent who lost his ex-wife and eldest son by Trotta’s will, and he wants vengeance. Solid book, not one of my favorites, I couldn’t bring the characters into mental picture. But I’ve got three Brockmann SEAL books on the way. So happy days will come again.

This one is the spoilered one.

Lisa KleypasSugar Daddy.

I liked and didn’t like this one. The ending wasn’t satisfying to me.

Liberty Jones is an awkward teenager, living with her widowed mother in a trailer park in Welcome, Texas. She meets Hardy Cates, who is sexy and self-assured. Hardy is her friend, he helps her with basketball and studying. But he won’t touch her, which is all she really wants from him. He doesn’t want to fall for her and get stuck in Welcome in the trailer park.

So eventually he leaves. And tragedy strikes for Liberty as her mother dies, leaving her as sole guardian for her 2-year-old sister, Carrington.

Liberty, barely 18, gets into beauty school. She also works part-time and raises Carrington in the trailer. After graduation she manages to get a job at a high-end salon in Houston. She meets Churchill Travis, who is a millionaire and wines and dines hers. Except it’s not for romance. Eventually he hires her as his personal assistant and Liberty and Carrington move into his mansion.

She falls for Churchill’s son, Gage. But then Hardy Cates shows up again. He’s a self-made rich boy now. Who will she choose her first love or a rich future?

Here comes the spoiler:

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