September Book wrap up

September 29, 2008

#42. Zero to Zillionaire by Chellie Campbell.

Great book. A few days into it, repeating the affirmation “People LOVELOVELOVE to give me money” I was approached at worked and asked if I’d like an extra day. HELL YEAH. and THANK YOu world.

This is a money book that works both sides of the equation. Both the energy side, law of attraction type stuff. But it also focuses on the practical. You can’t make more money if you aren’t trying to sell your product (even if your product is just yourself),  budgeting the money you do have all ready. And you aren’t really rich unless you are working a job you love, surrounded by people you love and having fun in all areas of your life. Well rounded book for people who want to be wealthy and not must monetarily.

#43. Enslaved by Hope Tarr. The book before this was Vanquished, which was the first book I reviewed for the site. In the first book it was Hadrian Stone and Callie Rivers. This book is Harry’s childhood freinds, Gavin Carmicheal and Daisy Lake. They and Patrick Rourke (whose book I suspect is next up) were friends in the Roxbury House for Orphans sponsored by British Prime Minister William Gladstone.
The book starts with budding actress Daisy Lake and the boys preforming in the attic. Shortly thereafter Gavin is”rescued” from the orphanage by his grandfather who was estranged from Gavin’s mother (who died with her husband and infant child in a housefire). Gavin has spent a small fortune trying to find where Daisy disappeared to after being adopted by the Lakes. But, alas he cannot and his friends drag him to an East End supper blue with bawdy dancer Deliliah du Lac.

Gavin jumps on stage to rescue her from her lifestyle. Daisy is happy just where she is. Except that she’d like to be a real actress on a proper London stage.

So with Gavin’s help and money, she embarks to gain a part in Drury Lane’s run of “As You Like It”, in exchange for living with him for one month. Sex is just sex, right? Besides he didn’t even bother to contact her after leaving Roxbury House. He couldn’t really have thought about that much over the years.

.. Someone’s going to be Enslaved. If you see the front cover, Daisy does dress up like that for Gavin. She greets him at the door. And he thinks “she’s dressed like this for someone before.” But it’s nonetheless erotic for him. Poor Gavin. And just what secrets is she keeping form him?

Not my best review. I’ll revise it another time. My tooth aches some more.


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Undercover Navy Love

September 22, 2008

#41) The Admiral’s Bride by Suzanne Brockmann.

Hey it’s a book with a hero who is over the age of 50. I think he’s 53. The heroine is 29.

Jake Robinson is a Vietnam Hero. HERO. At the beginning of the book Matthew Lange is dying in the jungle awaiting a freindly fire strike or the enemy to kill his platoon and a Priest. But “Admiral” Leutentient Jake Robinson, SEAL extraordinare comes in and saves them all. Matt finds out that Jake has saved some 400+ men.

Dr. Zoe Lange (oh yes) is a biological warfare specialist and expert in espionage. Called by Admiral (for real) Robinson to work with him on his top secret team to recover a deadly nerve agent stolen by fanatics. And they infiltrate the group by pretending to be married. Only as romance novels go, they start having feelings for real.

Jake is still fighting off feelings for his wife who died of cancer 3 years before. And Zoe has a hero-worship thing going since Jake rescued her Dad. She’s never had a real relationship because she’s been in love with her image of him. Thankfully for her, he matches up to her fantasies of him.

Strong characters, definatly predates Brockmann’s current Troubleshooter’s series. But still a good story with good characters. She has raised the bar for other author’s who write action romance. But nothing earth shattering for me here. B-, if I were in the habit of giving grades.

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Back to school book reading

September 15, 2008

#38. Janet Chapman- The Stranger in Her Bed. Sometime ago I read the first book in this series, The Seduction of His Wife. Janet Chapman writes great characters. I feel like her books are somehow trying too hard to convince me of something. The ends tie too much together. I can’t really say much without spoiling the book. But, she does have really strong characters. I’m very much an Alpha-He-Man Hero lover. I thought this would be a three part series as there are three brothers, but she wraps up brother number three in this book.

What I would love to see is the father of the men, Grady Knight, have his own story as well. He’s touted as meddling in his boys’ life in these books and he deserves some of the same. But, no one writes romance about people over the age of 50, unless they are secondary characters, so I won’t get that wish. Maybe I should start writing that type. (Actually I sort of have one in the works).

#39. Janet Chapman. The Dangerous Protector. This one was alluded to in “The Seduction of His Wife”. It also has a previous sister book to it. In which the main characters are introduced. Willow Foster and Duncan Ross. He’s a Scotsman, moved to Maine who owns the local pub in the town Willow grew up in. And 18 months ago they slept together and it was great, but suddenly he was telling everyone she was moving in with him. And oh boy, she was not falling in love. With anybody.

Oh, another of those heroes I love to love. Duncan Ross with his Scottish accent, I could totally hear when he talked. And he went around saying things like, ” Ya cannot spend your whole life running, Willow …” “…You’re smart enough to know that no matter how fast ya are, it’s only an illusion of safety. Love comes unbidden, lass, as is as unstoppable as the sunrise.” And telling Willow he’ll just wait around for her to love him back and just generally being HELLA romantic and Alpha Male.

I didn’t entirely connect with Willow who decided at 15 she wasn’t going for love. Becuase at 15, all I wanted to was fall in love. And did, frequently. Only I was a big loser and none of the guys I loved (in theory because few of them actualy talked to me) loved me back. So … anyway. The book.

Again, loved the characters. The end was so pat. Everyone lives happily ever after and it’s almost sickeningly sweet. There was almost no real drama in the book. Janet Chapman has only published a handful of books, so perhaps she will round out her endings. I will continue reading to find out, because her characters are so very likable and strong.

#40. J.D. Robb. Witness in Death. No big surprises. Except Dallas doesn’t get in a life threatening situation at the end. Stills it’s always a good story from Nora Roberts.

I haven’t been reading much. I’ve been crocheting. I made a sweater that is too small. I made a camisole, also too small. I finally finished a jean purse I’ve been working for ages on. I’m trying to decide if I should sell via etsy, or just … I dunno. If my stuff is even worth anything. I’m still pondering the idea. Maybe the farmer’s market in my town next year. But it’s a really big market and I can’t fancy myself standing there all morning waiting. I don’t think I have enough stuff to do so anyway.

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