End of summer reads

August 21, 2008

Actually there are a few books I haven’t done, going back to the end of July. I’ve just been lazy.

#33. Suzanne BrockmannInto the Night. Mike Muldoon (whom we met in Book 2 Over the Edge) and White House staffer Joan DeCosta are working together so the President can witness a demonstration of SEAL rescue techniques. Tommy Paoletti feels something is wrong. This book also chronicles Sam Starett’s crumbling marriage to Mary Lou. The historical story is Joan’s grandparents. Joan’s grandmother’s first husband was killed at Pearl Harbour (I think) and she’s working as a secretary for a governor or senator, when she encounters young serviceman Vincent DeCosta who has seen action in the Pacific and knows how they can minimize casualties there in the future. He eventually becomes a frogman which was the start of the Navy SEALS.

I love the beginnings of the stories because they usually start with combat. And this one is great.

“Remember the time Captain Muldoon ran down a mountain in Afghanistan with a broken kneecap?” WildCard said.

His words didn’t make sense. “Meat to tell that reporter- I’m not a captain.”

“Lieutenant, I gave you something for the pain,” Lopez said, speaking slowly and clearly, “because you broke your kneecap.”

“Then ran a few miles,” WildCard added.

No way.

“But I’m okay,” Muldoon said as the ship’s hospital corpsman carried his stretcher off the Seahawk. There were intravenous tubes attached to the back of his hand. It was surreal. “NO, really, you guys, I’m okay.”

Great stuff there. Not as funny as Jules thought processes which I’ll get to later, because I reread Breaking Point. But first.

#34. Suzanne Brockmann- Out of Control. Ken “WildCard” Karmody is a computer genius. He’s created his own mini-tracking system which some computer company wants to buy for an insane amount and set him up for life, and keep him on staff. But he isn’t going for it right now, right now he wants to blow more shit up and shoot guns and whatever else. Fun. And he’s finally over that lying bitch ex-gf of his.

Savannah von Hopf is American Royalty. She’s a heiress as well as lawyer in New York. Her Uncle has been kidnapped and she’s been asked to bring the ransom money to Indonesia. She knew Ken back in college, she was “freinds” with his ex-gf. Anyway, skip over the good details and they end up wandering the Indonesian jungle being hunted down and no one really knows.

Molly (whom also stars in Breaking Point) is working in a camp, where she meets Grady Morant aka. Dave Jones, ex-SEAL, wanted on both sides of the law. Can we hear a romance in the works? Well, strange but true.

Annnd the historical is Savannah’s grandmother, Rose who was a double agent during the second WWII and has a best seller based on her memoirs. (The missing grandfather is Austrian Royalty … so the American royalty works out there).

#35. All through the Night- Suzanne Brockmann. This was the story she claims Robin Chadwick made her write (you can read it about it on her website). To get his happy ending with Jules Cassidy.

All the usual suspects are there. Will Schroeder crashes the party (he was also in Flashpoint briefly) who has a thing for the boys’ personal assistant. Adam claims to being stalked. Cosmo and Jane, Molly and Jones/Grady, Alyssa and Sam. Some ends are tied up. Very sweet. Plus Jules is AWESOME, very awesome.

#36 Mr. Impossible- Loretta Chase. Rupert Carsington, fourth son of the Earl of Hargate, is in Egypt digging in the sand, when he isn’t getting into trouble and being thrown into jail. Which is where he is at the beginning of our story.
Daphne Pembroke is a widowed scholar (except everyone thinks it’s her brother who is the scholar) studying hieroglyphics. Her brother is kidnapped and she wants Rupert to help with the rescue. Strictly business she’s the brains, he’s the brawn. Good times.

And, I’m not going to count this on my list, because I don’t think double reads should, but I have to quote some of Jule’s thoughts, which made me laugh outloud!

Greta was neither typical Hollywood thriller forger-nerd, with pocket-protector, thick glasses and streaks of ink on her face and hands, nor James Bondian cat-suit wearing babe-of-evil. She was, instead, 100 percent German hausfrau. Fifty and frumpy. Good for her, for not conforming to expectations.

Except wait. Not so good for her- considering they were watching the last few minutes of her life. She was about to be the newest poster girl for the Crime Doesn’t Pay campaign.


And okay. Jules so couldn’t die now. He absolutely refused. That was way too melodramatic- like this guy had studied Evil Overlord technique, sitting at the feet of famous James Bond movies villains. It would be just too pathetic if this conversation with this idiot was the last thing Jules did on Earth.

I’m going to dust my shrine to Suzanne Brockmann (aka my bookshelf).

I think Jones/Grady and Molly are my favorite couple from all the books.

#37. Never Seduce a Scoundrol- Sabrina Jeffries, which I accidently picked up twice this year, but I can’t find it in my list of this count so here we go.

Lady Amelia Plume loves to dream of adventure. She wants to marry a man who can give her many, but most men are looking for fortunes to spend. Then Major Lucas Winter a brash American arrives on the scene with the promise of adventure. Except, that he is hiding an investigation into her step-mother’s past. Typical book my Ms. Jeffries.

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