Time marches on

July 22, 2008

And so does my reading.  I started putting reviews up at chapters/Indigo.

30) The Velvet PromiseJude Deveraux. I’m a sucker for Jude Deveraux’s books. I love the Montgomery’s. Like once a year I reread Sweet Liar. This was typical Jude. Solid.

31) Miss Wonderful- Loretta Chase. Oh swoon. Alistar Carsington is a romantic hero, complete with battle scars and a wonderful story. But, Miss Wonderful, Mirabel Oldridge isn’t impressed when he comes to convince her that a canal through her land would be a good idea. She’s too busy looking after her absentminded father who has his head in botony. If only this damned attraction to Mr. Carsington would stop plaguing her! Then she could get on with business of running the estate and wearing unbecoming dressware. Now if I can only decide if I should bookmooch this or keep it.

In other news Zemanta is making me sad. The tags often have nothing to do with what I’m writing about. Right now it’s offering me Christianity and Religion as suggestions. The links however generally are very good. The articles it’s offering are all about Jude Law. (As if I give a damn who he’s banging these days).

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2 Responses to “Time marches on”

  1. Asrais, what a beautifully crafted blog post!

    I’ve also asked the engineers at Zemanta to take a look at why you don’t get good suggestions, and they’ve essentially told me that you’re blog style is so exquisite that our algorithms get confused. There are not many bloggers with such a style.

    I’ve added your blog to our articles recommendation and we’ll try to learn your style with time. Thanks for mentioning your problems and giving us a chance to improve 🙂

    Jure Cuhalev, Zemanta

  2. asrais said

    Exquiste style huh?
    Wow, thanks. I don’t mind the oddities. I love the tags feature becuase I’m terrible with tags. I love the whole idea. It does help me with things becuase I don’t have to search out links.
    Thanks for pointing out why it gives me such strange suggestions. (becuase Im such a strange blogger). 🙂


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