Vacationy books

July 15, 2008

24) The Defiant HeroSuzanne Brockmann. This is #2 in the Troubleshooter Series. Not my favorite. It’s about John “Nils” Nilson and Meg Moore. I think it’s this one in which Alyssa Locke and Sam Starett first sleep together, and it involves drunken Alyssa and chocolate sauce. Actaully like a third of the book was about Alyssa and Sam. A third at John and Meg. And a third was Meg’s grandmother telling her WorldWar II story about her first love etc.

25) Over the Edge– Suzanne Brockmann. Stan Wolchonok and Terri Howe. Stan can solve any problem and for Teri being female in the army is becoming a problem. So Stan breaks his rule and lets her into his house (As Senior Chief he’s stated that his house is off limits for any army personell, but who can resist a beautiful woman?). And then helps her by taking her on a training mission which ends them all in Kazbekistan when a plane is highjacked. Alyssa and Sam are there, and a significant portion goes to them again. This is the book in which Max Bhagat and Gina Vitagliano “meet”. She’s on the highjacked plane and claims to be Karen a senator’s daughter. And then there’s an elderly friend of Stan’s mother’s, a Dutch woman who survived being Jewish in Holland during WWII. She’s also losing her mind. Great book. I love Terri and Stan.

25)Breaking Point-Suzanne Brockmann. #9 in the series. This is Max and Gina’s book. No WWII flashbacks. Just flashbacks of Max and Gina when Max was rehabbing from being shot. And then Max searching for her after she is kidnapped in Germany. and then the story leading up to Gina and her friend Molly being in Kenya and then being kidnapped in Germany. Solid book. I was glad Max and Gina got their happy ending.

25) Undomestic Goddess- Sophia Kinsella. (There’s a town in AB called Kinsella but taht’s antoehr story). This is chicklit. Uh, Samantha is a highpowered lawyer on the fasttrack to partnership in one of London’s biggest lawfirms. She works 80 hour weeks, bills clients in 6 minute increments at 50 pounds each and has the messiest desk in the firm. Sure she has no life but she’s about to be PARTNER. Until she finds out she failed to file an important thing and lost a client 50 million pounds. And then she disappears. She ends up working as a housekeeper, learning to cook and falling for the gardener. Until her old life catches up to her and did she really not file that charge after all or was it a set up?

26) Frugal Luxeries- Tracy McBride. THis is a how too book for frugalites and how they can enjoy everyday luxeries. Very cute. Took me a long time to read it but hey, I’ve moved forward a little. ANd I’m definatly a frugalite.

27) Rainbow Fairy series. I don’t know if these should really count in my book count. But I’ve been reading a fair number of them to my daughter. Maybe every 3 of these should count as one whole book. SO I’ve read 3 up until now.

Coming up later today: details of my latest crochet project. But first, it’s late in the morning the kid is still sleeping and i’m in my robe after a shower.

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