Throw me a title

June 20, 2008

I’m terrible with titles. My friend at BRCM just found this out. He’s all like, “Can you title your stuff?”

No. Not really. I suck at titles. I never know how to make them descriptive enough, with some sort of y’know catchiness. (Hey lookie, Zementa has a linked article on the Do’s and Don’ts of Blog titles)

Anyway … Suzanne Brockmann. I know it’s an obsession. A problem, but I got a lot of her books at the library. I have Made to Stick which is in progress and then I have 2 Brockmann’s and 3 Harelquin Blaze books to read from Bookmooch.

Suzanne Brockmann- Gone too Far. This is the story of Sam Starrett, Texas hottie SEAL and Alyssa Locke, FBI superstar. They met in the first SEAL book, Unsung Hero. And they had sex a few times in the inbetween books. But them Sam got a bar bunny knocked up and tried to do the right thing and marry her. But that didn’t work out. This books gives Sam’s back story, which is very sweet. His racist father who beat him, his best friend Noah and Noah’s grandfather who befreinded him, Walter Gaines.

So, Sam shows up on his soon-to-be-ex-wife’s doorstep to find out where his divorce papers are, only to find out she’s dead and his daughter is missing. He’s suspect #1 of course. There’s a terrorist plot tied in, bringing Tom Paoletti into the storyline.  As well as Max Bhaget and the young girl he saved.

Sam goes on the run from Alyssa trying to find his daughter. Alyssa ends up with him and things get heated, yet again. Good book. Sam and Alyssa are the most popular of the Brockmann’s characters, they show up in nearly every book after. In the back of Hot Target there was supposed to be a short story about them, you can find it on Brockmann’s website. And in the back of Into the Storm (coming up next) there’s another short story about them.

Suzanne Brockmann- Into the Storm. The Troubleshoot’ers are on a training mission with Team Sixteen. The story revolves around Mark “Jenk” Jenkins and Lindsey Fontaine. Jenk has a think for the TS secretary and Lindsey has a think for Jenk. The secretary has a thing for her cheating laywer ex, Lyle, as well she flirts with every guy she comes across, leaving Lindsey to do the secretary job half the time.

Anyway, the secretary is pretending to be the hostabge on the training mission. She sneaks off from her captives and then gets kidnapped by a seriel killer.

There’s subplots with Sophia and Larry Decker. And, the secretary and Jenk’s player best freind Izzy. Good times.

And as I mentioned before there’s a short story between Sam and Alyssa in the back of the book.

Book count=23 over nearly 3 months.

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