This may in books

June 4, 2008

I got a few at the library and finished some of them.

Carly Phillips- Summer Lovin’. (I didn’t like the title since it really has nothing to do with the book). I read Under the Boardwalk which was the sister book to this one, last year. I’ve read two of her three Chandler series. I like her. This was a good book. Solid. It didn’t make me swoon and the lack of justice didn’t make me feel really good about the ending. But it was a good book. The characters learned and grew in a believable fashion.

Suzanne Brockman- Unsung Hero. Now, what good girl who has a naughty streak hasn’t dreamed about the bad boy? I’m jealous of this good girl ‘cuase the bad boy lived on her property and she got to spy on him. Anyway, this book made me swoon for the hero. I wanted to be Dr. Kelly Ashton and get the bad boy. Jeez. Not many books make me do that. Not many books make the characters come right to life before me. So I love Suzanne Brockman and I can’t wait to read the other book that’s laying around the bedroom, HOT TARGET. A+ there. This one may go on my must have list.
Finding Water by Julia Cameron. This is the third in the Artist’s Way series. I’m only 4 or so chapters in, but I’m going to consider it read, because it’s getting redundant. The points: WRITE(well produce art, in my case that’s writing for other people it’s not), every day, even if you don’t really feel like. Surround yourself with people who encourage your art.  That’s about it. I got more than that out of Micheal Neil’s HayHouse show, You Can Have What You Want episode, Romancing Your Creative Genius. I’d link to the exact show, but it requires log in to get that far, which is free, but anyway, it was the May 10th, 2007 show if you want. I recommend all his shows.

Cindi Myers- Good, Bad … Better. This was a Harlequin blaze that I bookmooched. I so wanted to read it after I saw it. It’s one of those good girl, bad boy type things. (see my pattern emerging here?). Bad boy runs a tatoo shop. Good girl is overprotected by her chief of police father, still lives at home, but gets a tattoo and wants to join a dance company far far away from home. Bad boy is really a good boy who was rejected from art school and is a frustrated artist and rides a bike. It was average. What I’d expect for a Harlequin.

What I got most from it was I was going at my own novel in entirely the wrong way. So, now I’m nearly done the first draft and ready to tackle the second already. This has been going on since November. Hooray for NaNoWriMo.


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