Well, not really I’ve just been crazy busy. Read some okay category romances, 5 at least. I decided that if I read at least 50% of a book I will consider it read for my book count. I rarely finish books outside romance so …

I’ve been working on a blue jean quilt, my purses and writing naughty things and things for Big Rock Candy Mountain.
Baby aghan
For my niece or nephew DUE on my birthday! oh yeah!
Socks almost done for my kidlet.

Book total: 12.
Garden is half planted, half covered. I’m hopefully getting more newspapers from work. But the guy who’s desk they are on has had them there for ages and claims he’s going to read them then pass them on. I have my doubts, but I can do other things with them later if he does actually give them to me while I work there. If not, well, he’s cute so I can forgive him.