TV Turn off Wrap up

April 30, 2008

Uh, I pretty much failed miserably. It turned into a blizzard here so going outside was pretty much non-optional most of the week. I’ll post pictures. BLIZZARD!

Monday: Day one: went very well. No computer during afterschool hours, no TV, no video games.

Day two: some computering. No TV (we rarely turn on the TV anyway during the day) and no video games.

Day three: lots of computer, 30 minutes of vidoe games or so. I tried to keep it to a minimum, but the lure of Scrabolous on facebook got me!

Thursday: there was no school and I had 2 kindergarten children, so there was much tv, and computer and a little wii.

Friday: i usually reward myself for the week by playing some vidoe games. And much fun was had by all.

Saturday: We had a soccer coaching clinic ALL Day and then went to my mom’s (the kid was already there). No tv, just a lot of some guy with an south american accent babbling about nothing much that would really help us as coaches. As a bonus, it was warm out.

Sunday: We had a soccer meeting, but I’m pretty sure we played video games. I try to stay off the computer on the weekends anyway, so it was okay.

All in all, well it made me more aware of when I was using the computer, but it didn’t really deter me. We try.

Other stuff:

I recommend: Habitizer for keeping track of those new habits.

Buy nothing: Is also going badly. My Mp3 died (and then I fixed it) so I bought a new one. I had to becuase I work alone, I’m constantly on the move around the office I clean so a stereo is out and after 2 days and no music I was GOING crazy!! So I bought another Creative product, the Zen stone. And then when I was playing with the new one I found a thing that said “fix disk” or something, so I did it to my Creative Zen Nano and it works again. *sigh* SO I didn’t need a new one after all. But the new one has 2 GB compared to 512 mb.

My first laptop had a 3 GB hard drive, so this is like amazingly weird for me. It took me an afternoon and nearly all the music on the computer to fill it. And half the podcasts.

There’s more stuff coming up so stay tuned. I have not been reading that much, I’ve been crafting. ANd the snow we had last week has almost all melted (it may snow yet today tho it’s raining and cold as we speak) so my garden has no progress.


TV Turn off Week

April 18, 2008

All right, my goal for TV turn off week is to turn off the video games during the day, TV during the day and the BIG ONE the computer during the day – except to listen to music. This is the main way we listen to music here, so that has to be in. As well, as checking my email once a day at the very least and on the weekend there will be much email checking as I still have to check/moderate/beat my Freecycle group on the weekends.


April 16, 2008

Right my last post was supposed to be about books, but I forgot and meandered into weekend kitchen renovations. So books …

For What it’s Worth by Sandra Brown.
Another one of thise high school reads. This one had less angst then the usual category romance. I dunno why, still it was kinda cute. It wasted sometime.

Ways to be Wicked by Julie Anne Long.
Sylvie is the darling of the Paris Ballet. Tom is the darling of London’s night scene, running a “theatre” of bawdy dancing girls. Of course, they are both gorgeous and attracted to each other and deny that through most of the book. Oh yeah and Sylvie ends up in London after finding a letter from a woman looking for her long-lost sister and might she be Sylvie. Of course, the man who raised Sylvie hid these letters and she gets pissed and runs off to find her sister and her sister has gone to Paris to find her. This is a trilogy of course, which Sussanah being the first of the books. Sylvie is the second and while I enjoyed her story, I’m not compelled to go search out the other two. I dunno why, I keep falling into the middle of trilogy’s and not being thrilled with the other books, but loving the middle one.

Count is 9?
Working on Mists of Avalon, and some other ones that I can’t recall. Urban Tantra, Pratical Intution and In Defense of Food still grace my bedside when I’m bothered.

I love the love

April 16, 2008

Oh another boring book update. I haven’t been crafty at all the last few days. We’ve been doing countertops in our kitchen. Which is like hell. Everything is displaced to the rest of the house. Can’t cook, can’t wash dishes. Can’t make coffee (not for me) or popcorn (partly for me But the countertop looks AWESOME.

So this is the kitchen before we did anything. It’s the original stuff, which is from 1982. I should get some pictures of the HIDEOUS green wall board/paper. And also of our Harvest Gold bathrooms, which the previous owners choose to pain PINK. pink+yellow=OUchy on my eyes.

Isn’t it clean. believe me my partner worked hard to get it to look this way. It doesn’t when I’m in charge, but it’s not disgusting either. So anyway …

After pictures

Well, this was before the sink was cut out. The sink is back in.

There it is. The rest of the countertop is on except for a triangle shelf in the corner and a few minor edge pieces, and the top of the backsplash.
So that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m going to go change the pictures in my previous posts with links to my google images instead of using wordpress space, becuase it’s limited and I’m too lazy to resize my pictures. sad eh?

Another Regency Romance

April 11, 2008

I love me some regency romance. I dunno why.

The Duke’s Indiscretion by Adele Ashwork. I’d give it an B. The secondary plot seemed forced.

Charlotte is a Lady by day and belle of the English opera by night. And Colin, Duke of something, has been in love with her for 3 years. But he only knows her by her stage name Lottie English. Charlotte has been in love with him as well, from afar. So when he shows up in her house and her brother sells her beloved piano to him, she goes and proposes marriage to Colin. After confessing her true indenity.

The secondary plot was a plot to hurt Lottie in the theatre and she also had some priceless work of music. It was an alright book, but nothing special.

I’m also putting Choosing Simplicity on my finished list. I’ve read most of it and it’s due back so I give up. I’m terrible at finishing books. What i learned from this book: simplicity is what you make of it.

I also started the Omnivore’s Delimina by Michael Pollen, but it was far too depressing a view so I quit that one.

Book count: 7.

Still working on that damned aghan. But I found a better way to dig up my garden, or not dig up. I can’t find the link it was somewhere on mother Earth News. You lay newspaper down. It kills the grass and weeds and composts naturually. So I’m working on that unfortunatly it’s past recycle pick up day, so I only have one newspaper out so far, but I’ll keep things updated on how it works out for me.

This was taken a few days ago before I finished all 54 hexagons. It’s partially togheter now. I’ll post pictures later. I’m very behind on everything.

This is for my brother and his gf, who are due incidently on my birthday. I’m gonna be an auntie or an uncle!

This is my outside project. There’s a 10 foot space between the house and path that was once grass, but now it’s so weedy I decided to dig it up for vegetable gardening purposes. There are two lilac trees we transplanted that will have to be removed. But they’ll go on Freecycle. If I don’t go crazy from the stupid and shut it down.

Freeycle members thank your moderators today, they do untold amounts of work and deal with a lot of crazy and stupid.

Before and After

April 7, 2008

I love my new hair cut.


Used books extravaganza

April 6, 2008

Well, I broke my Buy Nothing April promise. April 1 I went into a used book shop and got 3 books on my MUST OWN list. *bows head in shame* However they are used books and it only cost me $12 and I get $80 in spending every month and I never buy anything except pizza with that money.

So I’ve read them all, plus one I got through Book Mooch.

In Order read they are:

Tiger Prince by Sandra Brown. Which I loved as a viriginal teenager. It was as good as I remembered. Just as corny anyway. And who wouldn’t want to be seduced by a half-Arab, half-American demi-prince. *swoon*

Angel by Johanna Lindsey. Another teenage read. A gunshot wedding to a gunfighter for revenge, who takes half the book to tell the bride he wants to stay married but until then he just keeps sneaking around and fucking her. Strange but sweet. Plus there was the black panther who I loved. So exotic.

Mine Til Midnight by Lisa Kleyps. Hot sexy half-Roma in England chasing after a woman who swore she’d never marry. Of course, he starts out saying he’s going back to his roaming Roma ways and then gets side-swiped by her innocence and since he’s got a good luck curse running and her family has a bad luck curse going, it’s a match made in heaven. Espcially since she’s got an older suicidal brother and four unmarried sisters. Did I mention he’s sexy and confident? I have to go search out the sister books for Miss Amelia Hathaway.

And last but not least, Sleepless at Midnight by Jacquie D’Allessandro. Sarah is a dork, wearing glasses and looking completly unfashionable in regency England. She’s prefers to garden and play with her giant dog rather than shop and whatever else was acceptable for women to do. She’s not rich. Her beautiful sister married some Lord or something so she’s titled, except her husbands dead. And they are invited to a house party at Marquess Langston’s house (I know nothing about the English title system, but apparently this is a very sought out status). So he’s on a search to find some gold hidden in his garden and save his family’s estate, because his dad was a gambler. And Sarah has gardening knowledge. Of course, there’s also her penchant for sneaking into his bedchamber and watching him bathe.

But for all us girls out there who were ignored at high school dances, or just geeky in general. This book was a path to my heart, becuase I was that girl. And this girl gets the man that everyone wants. ANd what geek doesn’t want that?

Books I’m reading currently:

Choosing Simplicity by Linda Breen Pierce. I’m getting bored of this so I may not finish it. But I realize I don’t finish a lot of books.

Urban Tantra by Barbra Carellas. You can read about this at my other blog Coming Alive

A Survivor’s Guide to Sex by Staci Haines. ALso featured at Coming Alive. I’ve been working on this book for nearly a year now.

In Denfense of Food and the Ominvoire Dilemina both by Micheal Pollen.

SO I guess that brings my count so far to 5.