March 30, 2008

It seems as likely as any of my fancies. (Okay I stole this phrase from Prince of Magic by Anne Stuart). I was reading “Choosing Simplicitity” the other night and she was amazed that one man had read/listened on tape 122 books in a year. And I thought, I must read at least that many. So I decided to start a blog of the books I read for a year, with a small review. I’m no book reviewer, but *shrug* I read a lot of books and I’m sure something I say will be intelligent. So that’s me.


Book One

March 24, 2008

Vanquished by Hope Tarr.

Caledonia Rivers is a suffrigist leader in London, when a bill to give women the vote is going to it’s third reading. The book says¬† 1890, and I know nothing about that time period so do your own research. Anyway, Callie is perfect and someone wants to bring her down. Hadrian St. Clare, nee Harry Stone, is a portrait photographer charged with staging a seduction of our dear Callie and getting it on film. Thus, vaniqushing her.

But of course, nothing is so easy. Callie finds herself wanting to be corrupted. And Hadrian is falling for her.

Harry’s anal rape is glazed over.¬† But I guess he’s not a victim nor one to sit and whine about these things.

The sex was pretty hot. There was an anal sex scene I loved, and I hate anal.

If I were grading books as is popular on review sites, I’d give it an A. But for some reason, it isn’t on my “MUST OWN” books.